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ellis, 16, dude, current unfunny and unpopular fat kid, professional asshole and huge disappointment

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fucking destroyed

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some girl told me i had shota features what does that mean fam?

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i talk to people who go to my school all the time on here but im always too scared to talk to them irl ://

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Anonymous asked : I would love to go to homecoming with you omfg

no i am trash take me to the curb on tuesdays

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i like people a lot more than they like me and that makes me want to shrivel up and die

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i just saw a guy pick up a hooker in broad daylight dont go to springdale its a godless place

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Anonymous asked : go to homecoming with me

homecoming is in October dont settle for me im garbage

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ive watched this so many times

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We’re going to knotts berry farm tomorrow im thinking about that shaq tweet


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